Mount Horeb Landmarks Foundation, Inc.

About the District # 1 School

The MHLF has preserved and restored the oldest remaining school building in Mount Horeb.

The District Number 1 School was moved from its original site on Main Street to North Second Street.  The School was originally one of two school buildings on the west side of Mount Horeb and housed grades one through eight. The school was built between 1884 and 1889. When the Academy Street school opened in 1919 the West Main Street schools were no longer needed.

The school is an important landmark in the community and the restoration of the school house serves the community in many ways. By preserving the school building in a location near downtown serves as a connection to the rich heritage of our village, keeping alive what has been done to build this community.

A village park was planned for this North Second Street site. Now, the building is the focal point of Heritage Park and Gardens, a welcoming green area just off Main Street. The first floor of the building which is about 1,000 square feet, memorializes one-room schools and honors the educators who taught in the schools.

 The building is now available to local groups for displays, shows, meetings or other community events. Contact Jackie Sale, 608-576-5837 for details and availability.